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IDCS, Integrated Data Communication Systems, offers customized, simple and cost effective business solutions that dramatically change the way your business operates. As a full service data communication and software development company, we have the knowledge and expertise that you expect coupled with outstanding customer support and service. Our goal is to Create Your PAPERLESS Environment which streamlines your business and increases productivity, accuracy and profit. Our Clients Businesses can scale up or down based on operational and seasonal demands,IDCS's model offers low risks but will benefit your organizational model by limiting overhead. There are various advantages of the software being accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

M&R Intermodal Custom Application Development

Since 1997, IDCS has provided clients a hosted, maintenance and repair invoicing solution focused on chassis, containers, cranes, railcars and trailers. IDCS also provides an authorization/invoicing drayage application. The majority of our clients have been Class I railroads, leasing companies, and Intermodal Equipment Providers.

Custom Client Application Development

While using traditional and/ or shelf purchased software applications, you would purchase the software upfront, as a package, and then install it onto your computer. The software's license may limit your number of users and/ or devices utilized for software deployment. However, software as a service, enables the software rather than the purchase of the product. Applications are purchased and used preferably online. The files are saved on our servers, or in the cloud, rather than on individual computers or networks.

Support and Maintenance

IDCS fully supports their licensed products. IDCS Help desk analysts perform first-level diagnosis and troubleshooting to support their end-users and customers.

IDCS Partnered Services offer highly skilled Help Desk support specialists which can provide technical and troubleshooting assistance related to computer hardware and software, mobile devices and other tech tools and product. [Learn More about this Service]


IDCS's custom software development team is committed to creating logical software solutions.

Custom Client Application Development

IDCS's custom software is uniquely designed for each client’s individual needs. IDCS Offers Design & Development , Reverse Engineering and Support & Maintenance for you specific application needs.

M&R Intermodal Custom Application Development

The advantages of IDCS is the current platform is a production grade system which contains the latest business and technical requirements for intermodal equipment maintenance & repairs coupled with complete finance management products.

Database Warehousing

IDCS will develope and host your data enviorment.IDCS Provides a trusted secure infrastructure that will give all users confidence in the creditability and consistency of the stored data. We can scale as your Busines grows.

Advanced Mobile Technologies

We have the capability to develop handheld wireless programs. We have the expertise to free your staff from their desks, whether it is a Windows based application or other system. A paperless office can now be your reality.

EDI Application Development

Your in-house IT department and project managers work in conjunction with your IT support staff. Our goal is to ensure the data integrity of the Electronic Data Interchange between our server and your internal IT programs.

Business Process Requirement Analysis

Our project managers spend ample time at your location gathering data, so your new IT programs work. This analysis provides us with the necessary information needed to guarantee that the completed program meets your expectations. Your new individualized program will be designed to increase workflow, decrease process time and administration, and be highly cost effective.

Application Modernization & Optimization

IDCS can rewrite legacy systems using most current design and technology available. Applications have become more and more complex in an effort to keep up with the ongoing changes of your buisness. We can help you better manage your applications and seemlessly regernate you infratructure.

Project Management

IT project management is essential to any technology business endeavor. From simple installations to major overhauls, strong project skills ensure work is completed on time, within budget and to meet specific business needs. Without the appropriate approach to both short-term and long-term development, it is easy to lose scope or get off target. Ciber's IT project management outsourcing and business analysis solutions help companies.

Intermodal Inspection Management

IDCS inspection management services are designed to capture efficient interchange of shipments to and from rail connections. Interchange records are searchable by unit numbers and by the destination. Standard Practices of the container and or chassis arrives at the terminal or CY the driver first goes directly through the inspection lanes where he provides basic information to the gate inspector for input into a handheld computer. Through EDI IDCS can in return process the inspection data and store in our Data warehouse for the clients use.

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IDCS has been developing intricate custom web applications since 1998. Our experienced developers have expertise in all popular web technologies. Their experience will fulfill your business needs using a custom tailored business solution.

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Since 1997, IDCS has provided clients a hosted, maintenance and repair invoicing solution focused on chassis, containers, cranes, railcars and trailers. IDCS also provides an authorization/invoicing drayage application. The clients have been the majority of the Class I railroads, leasing companies and a 3PL.

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